Millennial Interested in Having a Credit Card?

Credit cards are not a rare item that only a handful of people have. At present, there are more and more credit card users, even users are dominated by millennials. This is very reasonable considering the modern millennial lifestyle requires ease, effectiveness, and efficiency in transactions.

If you are a millennial who is interested in having a credit card, before applying for making a card, you should first meet the following five conditions so that the process of making a credit card is faster and smoother without rejection from the bank.

Choose a Bank with an Easy Filing Process

Applying for a credit card for the first time is not easy, because your application will most likely be rejected. Fortunately, there are many banks that provide credit card application facilities. If the submission at one bank is rejected, there’s no harm in trying to submit an application to another bank.

However, before that, you should first find out which bank accepts the first credit card application. Usually issuing banks offer easy credit card manufacturing processes, such as private banks. Simply complete the requested conditions, then the desire to have a credit card will soon be realized.

Make sure the age is quite mature

The minimum age to apply for a credit card is 21 years. Less than 21 years, then the submission will automatically be rejected. At this age, someone is considered mature and independent to take care of their finances. In contrast to children who are still aged 17 or 18 years who tend to be unstable and careless in storing goods.

Even if there are children who already have a credit card at the age of 17 or 18 years, it is certain that the credit card is the property of their parents. So, the card the child uses is an additional card. Before being used for transactions, the child must first ask for his parents’ approval.

Already Have a Job and a Permanent Income

The responsibility of credit card users is enormous. Apart from being responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of cards, users must pay credit card bills regularly. If not, then there are sanctions that must be borne, in the form of fines or threats of credit card blocking.

That is why credit cards are only intended for people who are already working. Because basically they already have a steady income to pay off credit card bills. As a result, the installment payments are always smooth every month.

Have your own savings book

For those who do not have a credit card, you are required to attach a photocopy of the passbook for the past three months. The aim is to ensure true financial condition. If the transaction record in a healthy savings book, then the request for making a card becomes easier.

Well, for those who already have a credit card, you must attach a photocopy of your credit card billing history for the past three months. The purpose of this attachment is the same as a savings book, that is, applying for a new credit card can be easy.

Smart in Managing Finance

Do not try to apply for a credit card if your financial history is bad. This is the same as getting yourself into a crocodile pit because having a credit card will only add to the problem. Better to choose other payment alternatives that are not less good in terms of facilities.

If the credit history is bad, it is not impossible if the issuer will confiscate valuables, such as a house or car as collateral for repayment. So, first, consider before applying for a credit card.

The products and benefits offered by credit cards vary, depending on the type and policy of each issuer. Choose a credit card wisely that is according to your needs and abilities so that you can enjoy the benefits of a credit card to the fullest.

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